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We help you achieve your goals

During strategic workshop the first day of cooperation, we plan with you your goals and a way of reaching them. We are target-oriented.

Excellence in Performance

VIRSINDA GROUP hires talented people with 5 or more years of experience in their specialisations, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads or SEO.

15 years of experience

For 15 years our founders have been built our systems, experience, internal training programs and marketing methodic.

We generate 3 mln dollars for our ecommerce clients every month

We love to optimise campaigns and improve their effectiveness and results.

Direct contact with specialists

Our specialists are available for you directly, and you talk with people fully involved in your projects, who understand your business and goals.

Security standards

We prepared special security standards of campaigns, all digital accounts, to protect your digital activities from hackers and viruses, which all day try to take a control on Facebook and Google profiles.

Success fee (e-commerce)

For e-commerce industry, we can settle based on success fee.

International experiences

We work with companies from the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Dubai and many other countries.

Google Partner Certified

Our competences are confirmed by Google Partner’s certificate - Scorise Agency, a company in VIRSINDA GROUP structures.

Google Ads. Microsoft Ads / Bing. Taboola Ads. Spotify Ads

How do we increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns?

1. Appropriate advertising costs thanks to cost-per-click optimization

Through continuous campaign monitoring and extended analytics, we keep an eye on the cost per click rates.

2. Ad recipients similar to the profile of your best customers.

We select the appropriate audience groups and verify their responsiveness.

3. Choice of the most effective advertisements

We create engaging ad content and study its impact on the final effectiveness of the campaign. We leave the most effective ads running.

4. Maximizing the visibility of ads and target groups that best achieve your goal

Implementing conversion pixel tracking in the campaign allows you to verify which ads are achieving your goal.


Together we create the best performance. Our Clients

What Our Clients Say



Pawel Miskiewicz

Alliance Pharma operates in the medical market, with our main offering being cancer research and matching appropriate medications to patients. As this service was new in the Polish market, I was seeking a marketing agency to boost our visibility on social media. Managing communication through a fanpage in this delicate industry requires sensitivity, use of appropriate terminology, and deep familiarity with the subject matter. After an introductory meeting, I chose Scorise as our partner for managing our social media brand. Based on authorized materials, the specialists prepared posts, graphics, and increased their reach. In our collaboration, they demonstrated understanding of the matter, reliability, and autonomy, as well as initiative. Therefore, I recommend cooperation with the Scorise Agency [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] to other entrepreneurs who are looking for the right agency for their fanpage management.

Marketing Director

Anna Zoltowska

We initiated our collaboration with Scorise at the end of August 2016, which speaks volumes in itself. The team at Scorise [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE], an online marketing agency, has consistently bolstered our brand, website, and online store through search engine optimization, Google Ads campaigns, and social media marketing. Specifically, in the last year of 2019, Scorise increased our search engine traffic by 100%, resulting in nearly 50,000 additional sessions on our website. At the onset of our partnership, Techniart's website ranked for 26 keywords on the first page of Google search results. By the end of 2019, that number had risen to 126 keywords, and now it stands at 246. The team delivers on schedule, the periodic SEO reports indicate positive growth, and the content generated for our platforms is substantively valuable. Our primary focus has been on efficacy and understanding the nuances of our industry. Years of collaboration show that we made the right choice.



Magdalena Benedyk

From the outset, Scorise Agency [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] has been involved in both the development and search engine optimization of the Terjan online store. Year over year, the store is generating an increasing order value. Both the number of orders and their value have been growing exponentially on a year-over-year basis. Since the beginning of our collaboration, the value of orders has increased by an astounding 5,432% over the course of 9 years! Organic traffic alone has seen an average annual increase of 100% over the last 9 years. The website is optimized for key terms relevant to the store's line of business, terms that were initially established at the beginning of our collaboration, as well as new keywords recommended on an ongoing basis by the search engine optimization specialist.



Filip Nowaczynski

The Nowy Świat Banking and Financial Center is located in downtown Warsaw, and our core business involves renting event spaces, office areas, and conference rooms. We were in search of a marketing agency that could help us reach a larger number of potential clients online through search engine optimization. We partnered with Scorise [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] due to their professional proposal and substantive engagement. As part of their SEO services, the agency crafted a series of content-rich marketing texts optimized for search engines. All pre-existing content was replaced with these new texts, which far better represent the Center's offerings. Scorise's specialists also provided us with technical support for our website, assisting in the implementation of new features and content. Furthermore, our Google My Business listing was optimized, significantly increasing its visibility—by more than fourfold. After the introduction of the new texts and the execution of external optimization actions, keywords associated with conference rooms, event spaces, and office areas were effectively ranked. We highly recommend collaborating with Scorise for companies considering the selection of an SEO agency. Both the website's visibility and the number of user clicks from search engines have increased by over 100%!

Marketing ecosystem

What functions does SEO and content marketing fulfill in the context of the conversion funnel?

The Marketing Ecosystem is based on the 6 Performance Growth Method we have developed, which uses the concept of a sales funnel. By optimizing each of these steps, we lead to a significant increase in business results.

SEO / Search engine optimization

What is organic marketing according to Virsinda Group?

SEO and positioning on the internet have changed dramatically in recent years. Before October 2014 often came down to an increase in the number of links pointing to the site. Changes to the Google algorithm have revolutionized how to increase the visibility of search engine sites

On the position of the page affects over 200 factors regarding areas such as website tech optimization, content optimization, loading speed, user behavior on the website or the quality and number of referring links to the site and their consistency with it.

Recent years have also resulted in shifts of the budgets of many widely known companies to the Internet. The increase in competitiveness and new algorithms of the search engine have meant that to position the site there is no shortcut.
Today it’s important to increase the value of the site for the end user, and SEO and positioning require more competence than ever and reliable, cyclical work that results in increasing the traffic of potential customers on the site. What we do
as part of Scorise, and SEO and positioning have been extended by numerous services giving them the name Organic Marketing.

Action plan

We act according to verified methodics:

Search engine optimization vs Pay per click ads

Differences between positioning (SEO) and Google Ads campaigns and other PPC

Case studies

What have we done?

Within 12 months:

+140% increase in website traffic (initially 1,000 sessions per month)

A company that produces building materials asked us to increase the visibility of their website. The key indicator of effectiveness was the increase of the number in potential customers on the website. We started implementing SEO services, we set up a company blog, we started publishing articles in it and other websites, we also expanded and optimized the site.

Within only one month:

+186 keywords were visible in the search results,
+313% increase in traffic rate on the site

The company recruiting construction workers to work in Poland and abroad turned to us to reach candidates using SEO. We audited the site and implemented the appropriate corrections, we took care of updating the content on the website periodically, we also took care of social media and link building.

Within 6 months:

620 keywords were visible in the search results (increase from 360 phrases)

The company producing aerosol therapy equipment wanted to increase the number of inquiries obtained from the Internet. Within 6 months we implemented SEO activities related to content marketing, analytics and the strategy of the major key phrases. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of visits and the number of telephones and completed contact forms.

Within 4 months:

4x increase in traffic on the site

The airport manager belonging to one of the leading Polish transport companies expected an increase in the number of potential customers. We have taken measures to obtain high-quality external links. We have prepared unique articles that we have published on external industry and general-purpose portals. In addition, we have optimized the texts on the site, we have developed key headers for the positioning, alt tags and meta titles and meta descriptions

SEO Audit | UX Audit | Link building audit and strategy

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your website?


What you get:
  • We will write for you specific and understandable guidelines on how to optimize your site to significantly increase its chances of appearing in search results.
  • We will discuss the report, conclusions and determine further steps.
Range of the audit:
  • Traffic on the site
  • Visibility of the site
  • Search Experience Optimization
  • Visibility in social media
  • Links from the website
  • Content optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Website technical optimization
  • Responsiveness analysis
  • Website speed analysis
  • Internal link analysis
  • State of optimization of key pages


What you get:
  • We verify the incoming links to your site. We will disable links that negatively affect the position of your site. We will present you with a comprehensive positioning strategy, that is, obtaining links to your website.
  • We will discuss the report, conclusions and determine further steps.
Range of the audit:
  • Analysis of incoming links
  • Disclaimer of harmful links
  • Proposing link sources
  • Guidelines for obtaining references
  • for the next 6 months
  • Research on links to competing websites


What you get:

  • We will provide you with clear guidelines on how to optimize your site, make users stay longer on it, make purchases more willingly or contact and more often realize your goal.
  • We will discuss the report, conclusions and determine further steps.

Range of the audit:

  • Analysis of incoming links
  • Disclaimer of harmful links
  • Proposing link sources
  • Guidelines for obtaining references
  • for the next 6 months
  • Research on links to competing websites


Michael Toczyski


  • Virsinda Group CFO & Co-Founder. He is responsible for Performance Marketing Department.
  • Scorise Agency CEO & Founder – our main skill is analytical performance marketing – SEO, Google Ads, PPC, Spotify Ads, Taboola Ads.
  • In the internet marketing industry since 2008, during which time coordinated over 750 digital marketing projects.
  • Collaboration with more than 450 companies from various sectors — transitioned numerous businesses from the offline market to online.
  • Training and mentoring of over 100 specialists over the years.
  • Implementation of projects for over 200 websites and online stores (project management).
  • Writing of over 450 articles on marketing and strategy.
  • Podcaster – Polish podcast named “Increase in marketing results” (PL: “Wzrost wyników w marketingu”).

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