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Why you should choose Virsinda Group to help you grow your social media?

Experience and expertise

We have 7-years of experience in the field of marketing. Our team consists of experts who have an excellent understanding of local and international markets.

We are distinguished by creativity and innovation

We are known for our creative approach to marketing. We always try to go beyond the established patterns to attract the attention of customers and achieve better results.

We adapt to the needs of the client

We work closely with clients to understand their goals and needs. Then we create a marketing strategy that is precisely tailored to these requirements.

Effective advertising campaigns

We have a proven track record in creating effective advertising campaigns that generate high results. Our approach is based on numerous studies and analyses.

Professionalism and punctuality

We are characterized by a professional approach to every project. We always deliver services on time, which allows clients to achieve their goals on schedule.

Knowledge of markets

We have in-depth knowledge of the local and international market, which can be key to the success of many companies.

Diversified services

We offer a wide range of marketing services including internet marketing, social media advertising, graphic design, Google ADS and much more, allowing clients to take advantage of the full spectrum of marketing tools.

Achieving business goals

We focus on achieving the real business goals of our clients, such as increasing sales, brand awareness or acquiring new customers.

Positive customer feedback

We enjoy a good reputation among our clients, which testifies to the high quality of services and the effectiveness of the company’s approach.

How we increase your visibility on social media?


We tailor advertising campaigns to your target group. We use paid online ads such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads or ads on other platforms to reach more potential customers.

2. Creating valuable content

We create and publish high-quality content on a regular basis, such as posts, infographics and rolls, that captures the attention and interest of our audience. We strive to deliver value by solving problems and answering customers’ questions.

3. Influencer marketing

We work with influencers and experts from different industries to increase recognition and trust in your brand.

4. Whispered marketing

We build trust and a positive image of your brand by spreading positive opinions and recommendations about your product or service.

VIRSINDA GROUP & Shine On Agency

Together we create the best performance. Our Clients

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Each time, we start with understanding the client's needs and capabilities, followed by hypotheses for development possibilities. Then, workshops (including customer experience) come into play, leading to a detailed action plan divided into stages.

Often, this results in complete market models, sales support programs, funnel concepts, and communication streams across various tools and media, ensuring success for our clients!

Social Media Audits/ Website Design/ Website Positioning

We will help you change for the better! Where is it worth starting?

Social Media Audit:

  • help us understand exactly what goals you have achieved so far on social platforms, what is the level of audience engagement, and what are the most important trends and competition in your industry,
  • identify areas that need improvement. This may include insufficient audience engagement, poor organic outreach performance or inconsistent messaging
  • will help you adjust your marketing strategy to achieve better results. We will find out which types of content are most effective, which publishing hours are optimal and which social media platforms work best for your brand,
  • identify activities that do not bring added value, which allows us to eliminate ineffective strategies and save time and resources,
  • will allow you to understand the preferences and needs of your followers. This allows us to create content and campaigns that better reach your target group,
  • will also make sure that your messages and brand image are consistent across different social media platforms. This is crucial for building brand recognition.


Website design:

  • contributes to making a good impression. A website is often a customer’s or visitor’s first contact with your brand. Good web design can make your business look professional, credible and attractive,
  • can help increase the number of visitors who take the desired actions, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter or contacting you, in a thoughtful way,
  • promotes correct and intuitive navigation on the website, making it easier for visitors to find the information and products they need. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces the time they spend on the site.
  • by our specialists makes the website adapted to different devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is important as more and more people are using the Internet on mobile devices,
  • allows you to express your company identity, so your brand can become more recognizable and unique,
  • help you to more easily implement analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to monitor user behavior on the site and tailor a strategy based on this data.

Website positioning:

  • improve the ranking of your website in search results, which allows you to reach potential customers more effectively. The higher in the Google results list, the greater the chance to click and visit the page,
  • attracts more organic traffic to your website, which can increase the number of visitors and leads,
  • by using relevant keywords and optimizing content, you can attract users interested in specific products or services, which increases the chances of conversion,
  • may be more profitable than other forms of marketing, such as paid ads on Google Ads, if conducted effectively,
  • in terms of SEO, can bring benefits for a long time, without the need to constantly invest in advertising,
  • improves the position in search results, which can help you compete with other companies in the industry.

Case studies

What have we done?

For the entire period of activities, the campaign yielded a ROAS of 947%. In the last month, for about 450 PLN spent, we generated 6,505.5 PLN of sales

Previous activities on the advertising account were not sales-oriented and mostly did not lead to conversions (purchases). The store did not have a Facebook pixel configured, which prevented accurate tracking of conversion events. Our task was to create and implement a sales and outreach strategy.
First, we researched and tested the target audience, various advertising formats, as well as the form of communication. Then we selected the most effective settings for advertising campaigns and creatives.

We have already generated about PLN 30,000 for the first month of online activities

Prior to the implementation of agency activities, the brand had no campaign via Facebook Ads. Our task was to develop and implement a personalized sales and outreach strategy.
After setting up an advertising account and conducting numerous tests, the first step was to implement a campaign for post activity and redirection to the site. This allowed us to define the audience in detail and get the first valuable purchases. Then we started systematic and active activities aimed at redirection to the store's website and sales through conversions.

For the last few months of activities, the campaign brought a ROAS (return on ad spending) of 236% and 30,000 new unique (non-repeatable) users

Initial analysis showed that there was no previous activity via Facebook Ads. Our task was to create and implement a sales and outreach strategy.
The first stage of our activities was to test the target audience, advertising formats and forms of communication. After selecting the most effective settings for ad campaigns and creatives, we implemented campaigns for likes, post activity and redirection to the site. Starting in December, we launched active activities targeting sales via conversions and redirection to the store's website, with different price caps. In addition, we launched a remarketing campaign.


What Our Clients Say



Beata Rybak

In December 2019 I decided to cooperate with the Social Media Shine On Agency [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] and it was a hit. Reliable and professional service, openness, flexibility and understanding of customer needs are some of the many great advantages of our cooperation. Moreover, very good organization of work in the agency affects mutual communication, which takes place at the highest level, which is very important for me as the owner of the company and the development of my online business. However, the biggest advantage of our cooperation is undoubtedly the team of specialists working in the agency, who do their work with passion and great commitment, which practically immediately translated into a significant increase in results and statistics, thanks to which I successfully build my personal brand through my accounts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I sincerely recommend cooperation with Shine On Agency [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] to all who want their business profiles in social media to be conducted in a solid and thoughtful way, and the actions taken on them led to increased recognition and increased sales, which as we know is crucial for every entrepreneur and the development of his company.

Owner of the company

Dominik Szadkowski

Cooperation with social media agency – Shine On [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] is a pure pleasure! Shine On [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] are people full of passion and ideas, who understand the needs of their clients and are always able to find the perfect creative solution. As a result, our social media profiles revived, became attractive and began to attract new audiences. As a result, interest in our ice cream has increased significantly! Communication within the team and with customers, which is at a really high level, also deserves special recognition. Seamless contact, comprehensive service and great commitment are the characteristics that distinguish Shine On Agency [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] and make cooperation exceptionally smooth, and the results are always impressive! Highly recommended.

Owner of several businesses

Dominika Mus

I have cooperated with Shine On [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] in running two businesses. I am very pleased how the agency took care of my social media, which were conducted very professionally and reliably. The advertising campaigns brought the expected results, for which I am very grateful. The whole team is very nice and imaginative, as evidenced by the creative graphics, posts that really encouraged my potential clients. If you give social media to your company it is only in good hands - to Shine On Agency [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE]

Owner of online stores

Dariusz Ożóg

Agency Shine On [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] for several years ran our company profiles on Facebook and Instagram, as well as advertising account (for stores loveair. pl, aero7. pl). Unconventional advertising creations, engaging competitions, effective performance marketing in paid advertising (low cost of customer acquisition), service of our company - all at a high level, at attractive prices. I definitely recommend this agency to lead the social media service, not only to enliven the company’s fan pages, but to actively acquire clients in paid ads and organic posts or create an image on social media.

Sylvia Kupiec


Sylvia Kupiec – owner of social media agency Shine On Agency, which has
been very successful in helping its clients shine online, specifically
on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and
Pinterest. She has been involved in the media industry since 2013.

She has authored articles in the most widely read marketing magazines.
She also successfully creates her personal brand Socialboss. She is also
an online marketing consultant and trainer. She educates and shows
entrepreneurs how they can use social media to create a unique image for their company or brand, increase sales of its products or services and
build a loyal community around it.

Sylwia is the co-author of one of the most famous viral campaigns in
Poland, which resulted in the collection of 6,000 photos from people
from all continents of the world, support from celebrities, famous
athletes and politicians, more than 50 interviews and appearances in
traditional media such as newspapers, radio and television.

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Virsinda Group is a new marketing agency that was created by combining the strengths and shares of four European agencies. Thanks to this, we are able to prepare for you the perfect offer tailored to your industry and expectations. With us, you will increase your brand recognition, website traffic, sales and efficiency!

The answer is simple: marketing is a key tool that helps promote, grow and achieve business success. Regardless of the size and industry of your business, marketing can bring many benefits.

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