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Marketing is action. We do marketing. Are you marketing?

It encompasses all activities related to market presence. The market itself is a collection of non-linear processes influenced by various factors.

To understand it, you need to:

  • Define your business model and potential,
  • Set your vision, mission, goals, and values,
  • Consider sales channels, specific companies,
  • Prioritize customer experience – a foundation for planning.

This approach suits VIRSINDA's clients entering new European markets:

  • Are your products and services competitive in the new market?
  • Is the new market receptive or competitive, and what’s the best growth strategy?
  • What actions to take to achieve your goals?

Effective communication integrates all marketing tools towards specific market objectives.

Clients receive marketing and sales support, advice, and implementation. This way, you can expand in new markets with the full support of VIRSINDA B.V.'s local and central resources.

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Research and strategies

The biggest challenge is defining the research problem effectively. Following that, it’s crucial to formulate appropriate hypotheses before selecting a research method. We conduct both quantitative and qualitative research, but what’s most vital is our ability to integrate research into ongoing projects, such as analyzing online activities or product placement on store shelves. As for strategy, it’s a powerful concept that isn’t always universally understood. The best strategy should be concise enough to fit on one slide, featuring the main goal, tactical objectives, the path to achieving them, and, most importantly, a deep understanding of the meaning behind marketing actions.

Trade Marketing and E-commerce

Integration along the purchase path is key. At some point, the purchasing need emerges. In specific buying missions, contexts, whether online or offline, a series of buyer actions takes place. Our role is to lead to ‘quick wins,’ minimize pain points, and achieve full post-purchase desire and satisfaction. Occasionally, trade marketing and e-commerce may involve automating purchases through subscriptions, facilitating habitual, routine decisions. All this knowledge requires a high awareness of stimulus impact, colors, shapes, exposure, price acceptance, sales techniques, and the role of individual influencing factors.


The role of pro-social, pro-employee, and pro-environmental actions is evolving because society is changing, economic and natural ecosystems face increasing threats. Most importantly, awareness is growing. Access to information means that deceiving customers and business partners is no longer possible, and manipulative techniques of misinformation are well-developed. Regardless, from a stable and noble approach to PR and CSR (as well as EB), we’ve transitioned to a dynamic selection of tools and means of influence. Strong and transparent values are especially critical in these areas, both internally and externally within companies.

Creation and Production

Let’s also include the word ‘design.’ We build brands from their core and archetype. We create products based on needs, or rather, entire customer experience journeys. We craft a brand’s everyday narrative in various forms, and then we produce videos, catalogs, displays – everything that showcases the brand and its products. Coherence, impact, uniqueness, clarity, and attractiveness matter. Our goal is for audiences to react, even unconsciously, as we intend. Good creativity is natural, surprising, obvious, and captivating.

International Performance Digital Marketing

To integrate the marketing tools for us means setting up and thinking not of the competencies of the specialists, but of the market eddect itself. We deeply research the conditions of the market environment, not only for better understanding of the client, but to take actions that will meet company objectives or goals.

International Social Media Marketing

VIRSINDA GROUP & Umbrella Marketing Group

Together we create the best performance. Our Clients

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Each time, we start with understanding the client's needs and capabilities, followed by hypotheses for development possibilities. Then, workshops (including customer experience) come into play, leading to a detailed action plan divided into stages.

Often, this results in complete market models, sales support programs, funnel concepts, and communication streams across various tools and media, ensuring success for our clients!

Case studies

What have we done?

After 9 years of fruitful cooperation, it is my pleasure to recommend the UMBRELLA marketing agency.

The professionalism, creativity and effectiveness in implementing marketing strategies presented by the UMBRELLA team marketing strategies has resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness and the entire product product portfolio by our customers.

The UMBRELLA team has demonstrated not only excellent market knowledge, but also the ability to adapt to our individual needs. We greatly appreciate its energy and passion in action. We have enjoyed many years of cooperation in every respect, and the results of our joint activities have often exceeded our expectations. It has been a challenging but also extremely enjoyable journey.

We confidently recommend the UMBELLA team as a reliable partner, ready to tackle even the most demanding marketing tasks.

Striving to maximize sales of a specific group of products newly introduced to the market.

Rotomania+ was another edition of a program aimed at for salespeople in window showrooms. Our goal was to to increase the knowledge and commitment of salespeople, with a special focus on premium Roto products.

We focused on transferring knowledge to vendors in the form of training. We created POS and additional materials, offered support, and completed the display (upgrading windows and supplementing window displays in showrooms) and relationship building – visits in salons, phone calls, gifts.

There has been an increase in knowledge and motivation,
associated with the Roto brand and premium products.


What Our Clients Say


Eaton Power Quality SA

Adam Przasnyski

Umbrella Marketing Group organized our participation in the Teknologie Fair, which took place in Helsinki, Finland. We are very pleased with the cooperation. Everything went very smoothly. The agency showed great empathy and also supported us in activities that were not covered by the initially declared scope, and it did it with great commitment and flexibility. Issues related to the logistics of the trade fair stand, completing formal matters with the organizer, adapting graphic materials to local market needs and supporting the sales department after the end of the trade fair event were handled with due care and at a high level.

Premium Rosa Sp. z o. o.

Aleksander Waszkiewicz

The Umbrella marketing Group agency led the draft of assumptions for the strategy for the Nasze Domowe brand. The work was related to the concept and communication strategy, as well as the creation of packaging and the logo of the Nasze Domowe brand. The brand was effectively introduced to the market.

Lafarge Cement S.A.

Emilia Wilewska

The Umbrella Marketing Group agency developed the concept and implemented activities of a new cement brand. With full responsibility, I recommend the company as a reliable and reliable contractor characterized by a professional approach to the client, flexibility and creativity.

Dr. Greg Osobka


With 20 years of experience, he leads his own marketing agency with a 20-person team in Central Europe. Previously held high-ranking marketing positions in international companies and earned a doctoral degree through research in marketing.

He defines marketing as a complete market presence strategy, emphasizing ‘I am marketing. Are you marketing?’ He excels in one-minute strategies, which he refines into detailed business models with clear market objectives.

Privately, he’s a father of two teenagers, an avid traveler, and a life enthusiast.


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Virsinda Group is a new marketing agency that was created by combining the strengths and shares of four European agencies. Thanks to this, we are able to prepare for you the perfect offer tailored to your industry and expectations. With us, you will increase your brand recognition, website traffic, sales and efficiency!

The answer is simple: marketing is a key tool that helps promote, grow and achieve business success. Regardless of the size and industry of your business, marketing can bring many benefits. 

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