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International marketing 360 provided by specialist and project managers from different countries

Full marketing service – we provide a full range of services. We rely on experiential marketing and integrated marketing. Our main competences include promotion and advertising, creation, social media, influencer marketing, trade marketing, market research, lead generation, online (www, e-commerce, SEM & SEO).


Here we have a solution! VIRSINDA GROUP is a marketing agency providing services in a consistent standard and with local presence of marketers in the UK, the Netherlands, and Central European countries. You can now count on your Customer Care Representative being available locally for you, but you will receive service in the country where you export as part of our agency.


More and more companies from Europe are struggling with the need to implement development plans in the conditions of a weakening economy in local markets. Therefore, the perspective of the whole Europe is much safer and more attractive for us. Companies are boldly expanding their presence on the free European market, increasing their chances for dynamic growth.


Presence on different markets requires conscious work on shaping the attitudes of local participants. Not everything can be managed centrally, and not everything can be entrusted to distributors without control. Service through local freelancers carries the risk of inconsistency with communication in other countries. And handing over service to international network agencies can have consequences of disproportionately high costs compared to effects.

Reason to believe

VIRSINDA Group is a new agency that has been created by merging the strengths and shares of four European agencies. Agile central management assumes the competence of Project Management using the resources of shareholder companies. Together, we have 60 people available in the CEE countries, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.


Of revenue generated for clients from advertising campaigns (Google Ads and Facebook Ads


Users viewed/clicked our ads


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Each time, we start with understanding the client's needs and capabilities, followed by hypotheses for development possibilities. Then, workshops (including customer experience) come into play, leading to a detailed action plan divided into stages.

Often, this results in complete market models, sales support programs, funnel concepts, and communication streams across various tools and media, ensuring success for our clients!

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Virsinda Group is a new marketing agency that was created by combining the strengths and shares of four European agencies. Thanks to this, we are able to prepare for you the perfect offer tailored to your industry and expectations. With us, you will increase your brand recognition, website traffic, sales and efficiency!

The answer is simple: marketing is a key tool that helps promote, grow and achieve business success. Regardless of the size and industry of your business, marketing can bring many benefits.

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