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We will help you understand your customers and market to create a winning strategy for your business to get new ones.


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years of experience in marketing

+25,000,000 €

of revenue generated for clients from advertising campaigns – Google Ads and Facebook Ads

+9,000 articles

for our clients on their blogs and websites

In these fields we can help your brand

What are we experts in?

International Integrated Marketing

  • Strategy & Research – benchmarking and market exploration, brand strategies
  • Trade & BTL – Loyalty and Motivation Programmes, Advertising Campaigns, Sales Support
  • PR & CSR - Crisis Management, Company’s Image building, media relations

International Performance Digital Marketing

  • SEO - technical search engine optimization and link building
  • ASO - app search optimization (Google Play, App Store)
  • SEM - search engine marketing in Google Ads
  • SEM - Microsoft Ads (Bing search engine)
  • Taboola Ads - native content advertising
  • Spotify Ads - audio advertising

International Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Management – monitors social media trends, create engages with followers
  • Social Media Strategy – define, optimize, develop and measure
  • Paid social advertising – social media ads, targeting a specific sub-audience
  • Influencer Marketing – collaboration with mikro- and makro influencer promote brand in larger market
  • Content Production - creating and scheduling content on Tik Tok, Instagram, facebook, LinkedIn

Build Your Dream

We are a full-service marketing agency operating worldwide


We enable for companies search engine rankings for strengthened online visibility. Also we will make more of the right people find your business and take action.

Content marketing

We offer increases organic reach and involvement in social network, through unique graphic and visual content, that offers value to your customers.

Social media

We run profiles on Social Media channels: create strategies, advertising campaigns and influencer marketing activities on Meta group.

Digital marketing

As a digital marketing agency we have all necessary tools and experienced team. We can help You reach any goals you might have, from building digital existence to increasing renevues.

Graphic design

For several years we’ve been creating effective graphic materials for successful online promotion, through the art of graphic design and illustrations.


Our strategy is to help your company achieve cohesion, brand’s recognition and credibility, and finally the attract to desired target audience in the best effective way possible.

International marketing

We carry out international marketing support by trade marketing: expanding into foreign teritories, brands are able to increase their brand awareness, develop a global audience and grow their business as well.

Web design

We create impactful apps, branding and visually stunning websites. Every web design project is unique, functional and effective.

BTL marketing

We implements BTL marketing to using promotional activities that are targeted to a specific audience, typically using direct or personal channels of communication.


The Agency is reponsible for the image consultancy, based on a previously prepared strategy.

Event marketing

What You gain when we’ll organize event for You, for example: fairs and exhibition, conference or presentation? Your benefits: generate leads, build brand awereness, educate, promote, interaction, connect, upsell and more.

Loyalty programs

We design, implement and provide full service of loyalty programs, to keep existing and achieved new clients.

We specialize in a few industries with an extensive portfolio:



Electrical installation:


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Each time, we start with understanding the client's needs and capabilities, followed by hypotheses for development possibilities. Then, workshops (including customer experience) come into play, leading to a detailed action plan divided into stages.

Often, this results in complete market models, sales support programs, funnel concepts, and communication streams across various tools and media, ensuring success for our clients!

Case studies

What our clients achieved with us?

Our clients are our priority, and our campaigns have helped them to build on their foundations and grow their brand.
Are You curious how do we achieve results? Check our success stories.

We have already generated about PLN 30,000 for the first month of online activities

Prior to the implementation of agency activities, the brand had no campaign via Facebook Ads. Our task was to develop and implement a personalized sales and outreach strategy. After setting up an advertising account and conducting numerous tests, the first step was to implement a campaign for post activity and redirection to the site. This allowed us to define the audience in detail and get the first valuable purchases. Then we started systematic and active activities aimed at redirection to the store's website and sales through conversions.

Within only one month: +186 keywords were visible in the search results,
+313% increase in traffic rate on the site

The company recruiting construction workers to work in Poland and abroad turned to us to reach candidates using SEO. We audited the site and implemented the appropriate corrections, we took care of updating the content on the website periodically, we also took care of social media and link building.

Within 12 months: +140% increase in website traffic (initially 1,000 sessions per month)

A company that produces building materials asked us to increase the visibility of their website. The key indicator of effectiveness was the increase of the number in potential customers on the website. We started implementing SEO services, we set up a company blog, we started publishing articles in it and other websites, we also expanded and optimized the site.

We created a competition for the Jamar brand fanpage. Campaigns have been carried out, but so far, they have been mainly focused on presenting products.

We wrote the competition rules – everything was done in accordance with the law. Then we created an engaging post in which we described all the conditions of the competition, attached the regulations and shared it on the fanpage. Before we launched the advertisement, together with the client we developed a profile of the ideal competition participant and only when our target group had been carefully thought out and developed – we set up the promotion of the competition post. It is important to also include a visible brand product in the competition post, show the prizes and place the content of the task in the simplest possible way. Our post was viewed almost 51,000 times in two months, and over 300 people registered their participation by publishing a comment under the competition post with the completed task. We managed to obtain 5,587 activities (including post likes, comments, shares and photo clicks). The competition was very popular and generated a lot of positive reactions. Followers are eagerly awaiting the next editions of the competition.

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...and 40+ more experienced managers and specialists!

What Our Clients Say



Pawel Miskiewicz

Alliance Pharma operates in the medical market, with our main offering being cancer research and matching appropriate medications to patients. As this service was new in the Polish market, I was seeking a marketing agency to boost our visibility on social media. Managing communication through a fanpage in this delicate industry requires sensitivity, use of appropriate terminology, and deep familiarity with the subject matter. After an introductory meeting, I chose Scorise as our partner for managing our social media brand. Based on authorized materials, the specialists prepared posts, graphics, and increased their reach. In our collaboration, they demonstrated understanding of the matter, reliability, and autonomy, as well as initiative. Therefore, I recommend cooperation with the Scorise Agency [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE] to other entrepreneurs who are looking for the right agency for their fanpage management.

Marketing Director

Anna Zoltowska

We initiated our collaboration with Scorise at the end of August 2016, which speaks volumes in itself. The team at Scorise [VIRSINDA PERFORMANCE], an online marketing agency, has consistently bolstered our brand, website, and online store through search engine optimization, Google Ads campaigns, and social media marketing. Specifically, in the last year of 2019, Scorise increased our search engine traffic by 100%, resulting in nearly 50,000 additional sessions on our website. At the onset of our partnership, Techniart's website ranked for 26 keywords on the first page of Google search results. By the end of 2019, that number had risen to 126 keywords, and now it stands at 246. The team delivers on schedule, the periodic SEO reports indicate positive growth, and the content generated for our platforms is substantively valuable. Our primary focus has been on efficacy and understanding the nuances of our industry. Years of collaboration show that we made the right choice.

Eaton Power Quality SA

Adam Przasnyski

Umbrella Marketing Group [VIRSINDA INTEGRATED MARKETING] organized our participation in the Teknologie Fair, which took place in Helsinki, Finland. We are very pleased with the cooperation. Everything went very smoothly. The agency showed great empathy and also supported us in activities that were not covered by the initially declared scope, and it did it with great commitment and flexibility. Issues related to the logistics of the trade fair stand, completing formal matters with the organizer, adapting graphic materials to local market needs and supporting the sales department after the end of the trade fair event were handled with due care and at a high level.


Beata Rybak

In December 2019 I decided to cooperate with the Social Media Shine On Agency [VIRSINDA SOCIAL MEDIA] and it was a hit. Reliable and professional service, openness, flexibility and understanding of customer needs are some of the many great advantages of our cooperation. Moreover, very good organization of work in the agency affects mutual communication, which takes place at the highest level, which is very important for me as the owner of the company and the development of my online business. However, the biggest advantage of our cooperation is undoubtedly the team of specialists working in the agency, who do their work with passion and great commitment, which practically immediately translated into a significant increase in results and statistics, thanks to which I successfully build my personal brand through my accounts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I sincerely recommend cooperation with Shine On Agency [VIRSINDA SOCIAL MEDIA] to all who want their business profiles in social media to be conducted in a solid and thoughtful way, and the actions taken on them led to increased recognition and increased sales, which as we know is crucial for every entrepreneur and the development of his company.

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Virsinda Group is a new marketing agency that was created by combining the strengths and shares of four European agencies. Thanks to this, we are able to prepare for you the perfect offer tailored to your industry and expectations. With us, you will increase your brand recognition, website traffic, sales and efficiency!

The answer is simple: marketing is a key tool that helps promote, grow and achieve business success. Regardless of the size and industry of your business, marketing can bring many benefits.

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